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:: THE J-Cult ::

-religion optional-

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J-Cult is a community in the works.

:: R U L E S ::
Necessary Evils.
1. NO flame wars.
2. NO verbal attacks on community members/mods.
3. Do NOT post anything off-topic (i.e. Not Japanese related)! These posts will be deleted.
4. Community promotion is fine, so long as it's Japanese related!
5. If you're going to share files (PVs, MP3s, etc), please make the post FRIENDS ONLY to save bandwith! (As always, you're suppose to delete MP3s after 24-hours. We are not responsible, however, for what you do with them after you've downloaded them. We do highly suggest that if you like a song that you BUY THE CD and SUPPORT THE BAND)!
6. Finally, we are NOT responsible for the content posted in the community.

More to come!

Spread the J-Cult Love!