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Gothic Lolita Fashion Show in SF This Sunday!

Tokyo Dark Castle San Francisco - Stylish Underground Entertainment
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. - February 19, 2005

Sunday 8 pm March 6th, 2005 Dark Castle returns to San Francisco at the DNA Lounge for the next episode of one of today’s most exciting underground movements.  Featuring international bands, DJs, Fantasy Gothic Waltzing, Gothic/Gothic Lolita Fashion Show, Gothic Bazaar, and a costume contest.  These elements are combined into one action packed evening of entertainment where the audience is a much a part of the show as the performers. Dark Castle is very much a social happening where the audience expresses their creativity in the way in which they come attired. Fashion ushers in the night.

Ignited in Tokyo when Robert Blaque met Genet from Auto-Mod the Dark Castle experience was developed by Genet and Taroo, leaders of the Tokyo underground movement.  A three year old world renown brisance people travel from the far reaches to attend.  Gothic couples have even planed their honeymoons around Dark Castle events. Now Robert Blaque brings this delightful experience to San Francisco.

What makes TDCSF unique to other events is the infusion of Japanese cultural elements.  The Japanese are famous for their uncanny ability to take on pop culture by adding their own bizarre twist.  Similar in the way Anime and Manga have become a part of our culture, the Japanese eloquence is making its way to the local goth scene.  One of the most striking elements is the Elegant Gothic Lolita. This courtly dressed peeress is beautiful, and mischievous much in the way one would envision a Gothic Alice in Wonderland.  TDCSF is your opportunity to join in the festivities and experience these visions of dark beauty outside of Tokyo.

Sunday March 6th Tokyo Dark Castle mutates at the DNA Lounge.

  • Bands: Secret Secret (SF), Adenosine Tri-Phosphate (Tokyo), Mindless Faith (NYC), State of the Union (LA), and Order of the Fly (San Bernardino).
  • DJs/MCs: MizMargo (San Francisco), Däch (Los Angeles), Robert Blaque (SF), Persephone (Berkeley).
  • Activities: Fantasy Gothic Waltz, Gothic Lolita Fashion Show, Gothic Bazaar, Kosupure Contest with multiple prizes sponsored by DreamWorks, Alternative Tentacles, and Metropolis Records, San Francisco Vampire Tour.
  • Bazaar Vendors: See-Throo, Strange Monster, Facing Costumes, Alternative Tentacles, COP Records, Industrial Nation, Your Music Magazine, Ghastly Jack, Eyescreame Jewelry.

Doors 8 pm, Advanced tickets $10, at the door $15, 21+ w/ ID, The DNA Lounge 375 11th St. San Francisco.  Tickets available online at the DNA website:

Total information available on the Dark Castle website:

Photos available on request.
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